Free Family Fun Day


Free Family Fun Day is now Virtual!

Monterey Museum of Art offers fun and creative activities for the whole family. 

Missed our earlier Virtual Free Family Fun Days? Check out all the activities below!

Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Spooktacular

Welcome to MMA’s favorite Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Spooktacular!

Attention all Ghouls and Goblins: The Monsterey Booseum of Art is getting creepy and creative for this virtual Free Family Fun Day! We’ll be sharing art projects all day that are sure to give you chills and thrills. (But mostly thrills!)


Spooky Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Between now and Halloween, try to find or create as many of these spooooky things as you can. Bonus Halloween points for checking off the whole board!

Hint: Drawing a spooky tree totally counts! 

Spooky Scavenger Hunt Bingo (PDF)

Mosaic Monstrosities

These monstrous mosaic’s are made by arranging small colorful pieces of paper together to create a creature. Let’s put that pile of junk mail and old magazines to good use!



Junk mail and magazines



Mosaic Monstrosity Instructions (PDF)



Mixed Media Haunted Houses

To create a mixed media haunted house, first we’ll make a spooky sky using watercolor techniques, add paper collage to construct our houses, and use markers, pastels, or crayons to add creepy details!



Black marker

Watercolors, water, and paintbrush


Plastic bag, markers, spray bottle

Black paper



Mixed Media Haunted Houses Instructions (PDF)


Jack O’Notan 

Notan is a Japanese term to express “light and dark”. We will use this idea to create a Jack O’Lantern design that helps us understand positive and negative space, as well as symmetry!


2 different colors of paper




Jack-O-Notan Instructions (PDF)


Salt Dough Pumpkins

This super simple recipe is enough to make a few small pumpkin sculptures, or one huge pumpkin. Salt dough is made with non-toxic household ingredients, but not very tasty, so please don’t eat your dough!


½ cup Salt

1 cup All Purpose Flour 

½ cup Water

Salt Dough Pumpkin Instructions (PDF)


Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Fun in the Sun

Welcome to MMA’s second Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Fun in the Sun!  The whole family can join in on these creative projects completed with objects found around your house!

Tag us in your projects on social media @montereyart or email a picture of your creations to and be entered for a chance to win a R.A.D Art Kit for even more creative fun at home!


Sun’s Out Fun’s Out(side) Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbows appear in many places, not just the sky! Sometimes we see them on clothes, from our windows, or on flags – See if you can spot a rainbow out in the wild or make your own! Take a picture and tag us @montereyart so we can share it.

Super Chill Chalk Paint Popsicles

This super simple chalk paint recipe is a fun way to experiment with color mixing(with a dash of science), and stay cool in the summer. Use your chalk paint to write inspiring messages and brighten up your neighborhood! 


Popsicle mold, muffin tin, ice cube tray
Washable paint or food coloring 
Baking Soda
Popsicle sticks or toothpicks
Vinegar (optional)

Super Chill Chalk Paint Popsicles Instructions (PDF)


Have You Seen My Beach Ball – 3D Paper Ball

Lose your beach ball? No problem! Turn a single flat sheet of paper into a 3D paper ball with just a few folds and three pieces of tape!


Ballpoint pen

Have you Seen My Beach Ball-3D Paper Ball Instructions (PDF)


Cool Color Collages

Create a mixed media landscape collage, and see the important role color plays in your composition!


Fabric Scraps or Colored Paper
Paint Brushes
Paint, Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils

Cool Color Collages Instructions (PDF)

Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Natural Wonders

Welcome to MMA’s very first Virtual Free Family Fun Day: Natural Wonders! The whole family can join in on these creative projects inspired by nature and completed with objects found around your house!

Tag us in your projects on social media @montereyart or email a picture of your creations to and be entered for a chance to win a R.A.D Art Kit for even more creative fun at home!



Forging for Color Scavenger Hunt

On your next walk in your neighborhood, take some time to notice the colors around you. Can you find all the colors of the rainbow in nature? Fill in the below color wheel, or make your own, and take it with you on your walk to help you match colors!

Foraging for Color Scavenger Hunt Color Wheel (PDF)


Nature Texture Plate

Discover the many different patterns and textures of the natural world by making your own texture plate! The plate can be left as is to create rubbings, or you can add paint or markers to show off the textures.


Smooth cardboard 



Natural materials with interesting textures

Nature Texture Plate Instructions (PDF)


Patterns in Nature with Rob Boss

Create killer collages from patterns that you find in the natural world around you.  Guest star, Rob Boss, teaches about what patterns are, how to recreate your own, and how to use it to collage your own picture.  




glue/glue stick, or tape

Your favorite coloring materials

Patterns In Nature Collage Instructions (PDF)


Origami Planter Boxes

Use recycled, biodegradable paper and traditional origami techniques to create a paper planter! Students will get to get their hands dirty while they plant a seedling. As a bonus, you can bury the entire planter box when the seedling is ready for transplant!


Repurposed paper, cardstock



Origami Planter Box Instructions (PDF)


Flower Power! Smashed Flower Art

Even when staying home, we can create interesting nature art from simple materials found around our home and neighborhoods! Take a walk around your block, pick some flowers popping out from the sidewalk, in the bushes, in the bushes from the park, or snip some from your own yard! (Be careful not to pluck from your neighbors gardens, unless you ask of course!)


Flowers (the more colorful and fresh, the better)

Wax Paper (parchment paper, paper towels, or plain paper work as well)

Thick paper- watercolor, cardstock, or thin cardboard

A hammer or mallet

Optional- Shears or scissors to trim flower stems

Flower Power Smashed Flower Art Instructions (PDF)


Anthotype Fun

Learn how to make an anthotype – a photographic printing process made from plants and sunlight!

Anthotype Fun Instructions

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